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Services Available

Helping Angels of Hawaii provides Home Health Care for the Elderly and Youth. We have specialties in Alzheimer's and special needs care.   Helping Angels offers a wide range of specialty services at the lowest rates, no matter what level of care is required.  We have nursing and therapeutic care for both short-term and long-term needs. Our goal is to help our clients manage the activities of daily living so they can optimize their health and independence and integration in the community.  

Our aides are trained to assist with self-care tasks such as bathing, medication, dressing, and mobility issues.  We also assist with household tasks such as cooking, shopping and errands.

We provide a holistic approach and the necessary supports and education so that our clients optimize their functioning and ability to manage stress so that they are as healthy as possible in mind and body.  We engage them in as many activities as possible to improve self-esteem, confidence and optimize social functioning.

​Helping Angels will also set-up medications and give daily diabetic insulin shots and provide monitoring and documentation of fluid intake, etc.

The client and family can read status reports daily.  We take a family-centered approach in the delivery of our home health care, so that everyone can be a part of creating the best outcomes.  

​We hold a monthly review with the physician and the family to ensure clear communication and that we are all in agreement with the home health care plan.  

​Our great teamwork ensures complete compassionate care for each and every client. Over the last 20 years, Helping Angels has been committed to providing care with the utmost compassion, excellence and reliability.

your Angel is always there!

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Helping Angels and Home Health Care