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Do you have an hour a week or month to be a part of this wonderful team that has come together to provide the highest quality and most affordable compassionate care?

That's all it takes to participate help our program, at your comfort level.  You can provide consultation, training or whatever support your expertise or compassion can provide. This hour of time donation makes it much easier for us to provide one on one specialized private care to those in need.

Why Volunteer?

Helping Angels is committed to unifying all community resources to help optimize our local community's ability to thrive.  By having a large pool of volunteers with professional health care backgrounds and people with a passion for helping the community, we are able to provide the highest quality compassionate care at the lowest possible cost.As time goes on in difficult economic times, people are recognizing more and more the importance and benefit of networking and working together for a common goal.  There is no greater gift than giving to those with special needs.  As our population ages and special needs for children are rising, so does our need to recruit more volunteers to this non-profit organization.

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Updated: 01/07/2016

Helping Angels of Hawaii is now hiring! 

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